Hesketh King Treatment Centre


Our program caters for all income groups, including medical aid patients, private patients as well as those who lost everything as a result of substance abuse.  


The Youth Programme caters for young men between the ages of 16 and 20. This programme is fully subsidised by Social Development for 80 beds annually. This is a 7 week residential programme. This programme was established in response to the massive escalation of drug abuse amongst our Western Cape youth and as we are all aware the drug most commonly used is Methamphetamine (also known as speed / tik / tjoef etc.)


The Adult Programme caters for 120 adult men (ages 21 and plus) annually – 45 of these beds are subsidized by Social Development. As we are only subsidized for 45 beds we had to re-evaluate our fee structure in order for us to survive as a treatment centre even though we believe that economic status should not be a barrier to effective treatment. This is a 12 week residential programme. The rest of the beds are available for paying/medical aid and sponsored (individual & community support) patients.

We have also launched a 6-week Adult Programme, where 6 weeks admission is only applicable for patients who are working and their company cannot release them for a period longer than 6 weeks or a medical aid patient. The patient must be motivated for treatment and give their full cooperation for the time frame.

The 6-week programme was initiated due to the following reasons:

  • Medical aid schemes pay only for 21 days at a rehabilitation centre and due to the fact that our programme is for   12 weeks, they don’t want to refer patients to our centre.
  • Companies are willing to send their staff members for rehabilitation, but cannot afford to send the person for  more than 6 weeks.  The company to cover the absent period used the staff memberís sick and annual leave.   Schoolteachers can be admitted during school holidays to minimize the days absent from work.